LAUTAN RASA – TULOLA Bridal Jewellery video (2018)

SETELAH HUJAN DATANG – DNPI Short documentary for climate change campaign (2013)

SENANDUNG BUMI – DNPI Short film for climate change campaign (2012)

ENSIKLOPEDI ANAK NUSANTARA – TV program for KOMPAS TV (3 episodes) (2012)

PENYU DAN KERAJAAN LAUTKU – Children Docudrama short for DANCOW (2011)

A SONG FOR TUKIK – Short documentary for WWF campaign (2010)

MELODI UNTUK BULAN – Film Television for ASTRO (2010)

SLANK DANCE – SLANK Music Video (2009)

MONOGAMY – SLANK Music Video (2009)

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